Constants and Variables

"Constants and Variables" is a composition that recreates a dense spectrum of sound while also exploring contrasting ideas. Within this piece, the audience will notice two main sections. The first is focused on the mechanical and industrial aspects of sound while the second concentrates on the natural aspects of sound. These units are both meant to contrast and complement one another while submerging the listener within a realm of organized noise.

The spatialization within the piece creates a rich texture that also helps to manufacture the environment. Minute changes take place within each segment. One may hear little ticking, clicking, banging, and other sounds which have been combined to recreate an atmosphere. The piece is meant to challenge the listener to focus on the little deviations and constant approaching and dissipating sonic timbers.

-Program notes from N_SEME 2015

P.S. This was originally an 8-channel fixed media piece, but since stereo can't reproduce that, it has been mixed down to only 2 channels.