Maksym Prykhodko is a Ukrainian-born composer who recently graduated with a B.F.A. in Music Composition and Technology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In his music, Maksym is interested in creating contexts for extremely contrasting ideas. His experiments with hardware electronics are motivated by his fascination of breakdown and the misuse of technology. He is interested in creating unapologetic, explosive, and uneven soundscapes for his audiences.

In 2016, Maksym was accepted into the Society of Composers Student National Conference and had his variable-fixed-media algorithmic work, “ten minutes”, showcased. Some of Maksym’s other notable pieces include “magnavox” for Wii-remote controlled live processing, “a-radio-with-guts” for three circuit-bent radios, and “tea-rings” for a five-human improvisation ensemble. His creative output is strongly motivated by his interest in other art forms which include photography, installation art, sculpture, and film.